Hannah’s story

My name is Hannah. I left my job because I was feeling unhappy and was looking for a new challenge. My mental health had not been great and I felt I needed some time away from the work as it had been my first job after leaving university and I had begun to feel a bit stuck there.

I was receiving some mental health support from the NHS and as part of this they referred me to Work Well where I began having sessions with Yasmin every couple of weeks. Yasmin was very easy to chat to and I really enjoyed brainstorming with her and chatting during our sessions.

Meeting with her in this way was incredibly beneficial and really enabled me to improve my applications. She helped me improve my CVs and my cover letters, and after taking on her advice and tips, I started to to get more and more responses and invites to interviews than I had previously.

In the end, it was a role that Yasmin sent me which I was successful in. When I initially read the job description, I felt it suited me and what I wanted from a job perfectly. By this point I had sent off multiple applications and had also had several interviews, so I was used to the process but not yet been successful. Yasmin helped me to prepare and I went into the interview feeling far more relaxed than I had in previous ones. It was also the shortest interview I had had so far and I felt really positive after it. I got the job and am excited to get back into work having had some time off to rest and rejuvenate!

Having the Work Well sessions really helped to keep me going and improve my applications, as well as give me more motivation to look for jobs. It was a great service that I would highly recommend, especially as career changes can be so tricky and daunting to navigate. It was great to have some extra help and Yasmin was a brilliant and lovely coach!

If you’re unemployed or having difficulties at work, support is available. Check if you’re eligible for employment support from Work Well.