What we do

Find out how the project works and how Work Well can help you find paid employment.

At Work Well, we believe that finding and keeping a job that you can enjoy is key to a happy and balanced life. That’s why we provide tailored employment support to people who are experiencing anxiety or depression in Southwark.

Looking for work in today’s job market can be stressful, so our career coaches use a model called ‘individual career management’ to help you overcome any barriers you may be facing and find the job that’s right for you.

We can help you:

  • Create an eye-catching CV
  • Brush up on your interview techniques
  • Find voluntary work
  • With guidance in finding job vacancies and completing job applications
  • Decide what kind of job you want
  • By putting you in touch with employers
  • Find training courses

As well as tailored support from your personal career coach, we have two specialist in-house advisers on hand to offer additional support with financial issues and links with local employers.


View our eligibility criteria to see if you could join Work Well