Tracy’s Story

My name is Tracy, I’m 43 and I live in Rotherhithe, London.

Before I joined Work Well I was looking for part-time work, I was a stay-at-home mum and was busy with the kids every day. I was sending off job applications but was unsuccessful. It was getting to the stage where I was very discouraged. I have never worked before, and so I was used to being at home all the time. I had a lot of anxiety and especially lack of confidence. I was very apprehensive at the idea of going out and being somewhere else every day. My physiotherapist recommended Work Well after I had mentioned my anxieties to him.

I met Rebecca my Career Coach, who started spending time talking with me about what I’d like to do and the skills that I’d need. She introduced me to a few different courses and one of them was the ISS sector-based work academy at Lewisham Southwark college. The course was for four weeks which has increased my confidence and helped me become more assertive. It was a refreshing experience where I met new people and positive tutors. We learned about infection control, customer service and data protection.

During the course we were asked to complete a portfolio of workbooks discussing our strengths and weaknesses related to employment and had to explain why we thought it was tough to become employed. Some reasons included lack of motivation, poor health and low self esteem. We were asked to discuss what we would change to improve our circumstances and I was lucky enough to get a call back after my interview offering me a position with ISS as a cleaner. We met with past students who had become successful with the company who spoke about their personal journeys with pride and enthusiasm. This opportunity has helped me to remain focused and looking forward to the next steps with starting work with ISS and I’m happy that I was given a chance to create a fresh perspective with an understanding and encouraging manner from my Career Coach and the people that have assisted with this experience.

I would strongly agree that this is one of the best courses I have been part of. It took a bit of time to get used to the changes like being out of the house most of the day and staying organised but I tried to enjoy the company of others. I found it surprising how quick we can adapt to situations. I loved it and appreciate the time and kindness I was shown by those I met with, on the course and at Work Well.

The whole experience has made me feel more assertive, more open-minded and encouraged me to go out and create a career.

I would say to someone else in the same position to just go for it, attend the appointments, change up your routine and change what you’re used to. Keep following it through, be open to new experiences and don’t get discouraged!

Career Coach: Rebecca Williams

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