Patricia’s Story

My name is Patricia, I’m 43 years old and I live in South London.

Before joining Work Well I was having counselling for the first time which was a big step for me. My counsellor put me in touch with Work Well as I was a bit confused and needed some direction. My mother has been diagnosed with alzheimer’s and it helped talking to someone about my mum without judgement. They mentioned an organisation that helps me with finances, work, interviews etc. and I haven’t looked back since being referred to Holly who has been a godsend. I recommend everyone has a mentor and support. It helps to get a second opinion and accountability. It has given me confidence.

I met Holly and she is very organised and professional. She is hardworking, kind and modest. She made me realise I have to research and put effort into creating a CV and cover letter, put in the effort of looking for work and my business plan in cupcake baking. Holly made me realise I have the skills and I just have to believe in myself and put in the work. I felt not only was she a brilliant mentor but I felt like she was a friend too. I also appreciated her visits to Debenhams in Clapham Junction and I will miss the help and her enthusiasm.

I have been working at Falconbrook.but I am seeking working closer to home. I have worked in primary education for a long time and I have learnt that I have creative talents too, realising that I don’t have to stay on the same career path. I am also baking sugar free and vegan cupcakes, I would like a pop up shop or a market stall in Herne Hill.and I’ve realised that anything is possible if you believe in your vision and yourself.

Have faith in yourself and never give up. If you’re down, you can always get up. There is help and kind people who want to help. Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your life and take risks. Life is happening now.

Career Coach: Holly Brearley

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