Mark’s Story

My name is Mark, I am 55 years old and I live in Catford, South East London.

I was referred to Work Well through Amy at Phoenix (housing association). I wasn’t working and needed to look for another job. I was signed up to Indeed and the jobs they sent me weren’t suitable.

I thought I needed to find a job. I tried to stay calm but my feelings varied. I worked with Yasmin. We met every Tuesday. We worked together as a team.

I saw a school patrol officer in Downham. It was eye opening, I thought….this is the job for me!

I met with Yasmin and said ‘this is a job I can do’. We applied to Lewisham and Bromley and on Tuesday afternoon after our meeting, I had a phone call. Two days later I had an interview – that afternoon I found out I had got the job! After the interview Wendy (who interviewed me) told me I was the best interviewee she’d ever had!

Don’t give up. Think positive. Keep trying. There is help out there if you need it like Work Well. Try not to panic and worry, it’s not worth it! I’m glad I’ve got a job thanks to Work Well. If I didn’t have Work Well I wouldn’t have a job. Now I’m independent and confident!

Career Coach: Yasmin Sharples

Mark is now working as a school patrol officer in Downham

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