Luciola’s Story

“I am Luciola, I am 40 years old and I currently live in West Norwood, London. I am from Brazil and I moved to London in 2015 because of my husband’s job.

Before joining Work Well I was very depressed. I had to leave my career as a teacher and restart my life from zero here in London. I was independent, a hard worker, proud of my career and the protagonist of my life. I had to learn the language and build a new social circle. However, because I became so depressed, I was unable to work, feeling down, unfit, unqualified and very lonely.

My doctor recommended I seek therapy to help me with low mood and depression. As my main issue was feeling unconfident to work and in social life, my GP recommended I join Work Well.

Then I met Holly, my career coach at Work Well. She is kind, friendly and very professional, she is always willing to help me. Because of our meetings, I can keep myself very organised and step by step, I have this feeling of accomplishment, week after week; she has given me lots of tips, links, things to keep updated and integrated. She helps me to feel focused and determined. I have moved forward a lot with our meetings, I have built my portfolio, my CV, cover letters and I have received all the support I need. I was not expecting such wonderful support and now even my family is saying that my mood has completely changed.

Together we have discovered a new path to go through to build my own business. I am very hopeful and excited about the future.

Many people feel depressed and I do not wish the feeling on anyone. I wish more people could have the opportunity with Work Well that I have had. It is an amazing support for people.

Sometimes we cannot find a way out, we feel hopeless and really need someone who can give us support and guidance. I am very grateful for all the help I have received.”

– Luciola

Career Coach: Holly Brearley
Luciola is now pursuing a career delivering drawing classes to children

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