Ginine’s Story

“My name is Ginine, I am 36 years old and I live in Forest Hill, South East London.

I joined in June 2018, I had just left corporate job, commuting daily into Central London. I felt like I could not face anything and needed help to move forward. I was spending days in bed as physically I felt ill and too weak to fight anything.

I felt terribly unhappy, physically depleted and dreaded every day. I was sad and lonely and questioned why I was doing this and why I was here in the first place. I felt ill every day and couldn’t shake it off. I knew something had to change but didn’t feel I had the strength to turn things around this time in my life. Mentally I felt exhausted and very low.

I discovered Work Well through The Mosaic Centre in Brixton. I attended a drop-in session and was given information about services in Lewisham. I called right away and received an appointment.

I met with Rahena Khatun. She was proactive, determined and confident. She enjoyed delivering results quickly being thorough, helping and providing empathy. She listened to my story and made it clear that I was not alone. She helped me to break things down and told me about other support services that could help me get better. After sessions when I would email for help and advice she would always get back to me with a wealth of information and provide reassurance. She would always say she was available if needed. She did not rush me into anything but acknowledged where I was at. She was a great coach.

Knowing someone really ‘heard’ me was so important. I feel better. Having mental health moments will always be a part of my make up however when we fall sometimes we need a boost of belief and strength to help us get back on track again. I am in full time work now in a job I enjoy and I have also found strength to start exercising again. I will continue to build myself back up physically and feel better about living.

On your darkest day its ok to not have it all together, its ok if you feel like your sinking. Take baby steps and build back up again. The biggest thing is to speak up and ask for help, there is no shame in this, it doesn’t matter about your age, be honest in order to move forward. Don’t be pressured by anyone and even if you are afraid listen to your body and mind…what is it telling you? Poor health can be an indicator so stop and take a breather and listen. There is hope…always…do not give up on you!”

– Ginine

Career Coach: Rahena Khatun
Ginine is now working as an administrator for The Legacy Corporation in Stratford. Here she is looking smart for the first day of her new job

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