Donato’s Story

“At 51 and partially incapable of working, I have suddenly found myself off benefit. By mistake, the DWP cut my benefit leaving me with no financial support.

Struggling to cope with my daily living I was rapidly building depts and as a result of it, I was facing eviction and other legal matters. I did everything I was suggested by the different adviser centre I was visiting, but without success, after ten months the situation was getting worse.

I felt frustrated and inessential, to the point of depression. It all ended when Work Well decided to help me with my case.

They divided my financial, medical and work-related issues with each other and together as a team they started straight away to get to the bottom of each issue.

Today, thanks to Robert Mandelstam my Financial Support Advisor and Holly Brearley my Career Coach, I have sorted out my Financial struggling and I am in the process of gaining more skills and find a career more suitable for my capabilities.”

– Donato

Financial Adviser: Rob Mandelstam
Career Coach: Holly Brearley
Donato is now aiming towards a career in teaching

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