Graeme’s Story

“When I was referred to the Work Well programme, I was in a pretty miserable place. I’ve suffered from depression for years and being unemployed, for just over a year, made it a lot worse. I was at a point where I was getting the interviews (I’d been to thirty six interviews by the time I was referred) but kept being told that while I came across well, there was always someone better suited to the role. I was just completely lost, I had to keep looking for a job but I was at the point where I really couldn’t see it ending and it was really hard to have any kind of motivation at all to carry on.

The first thing Jo did was to really help me realise that I was doing all I could and that it wasn’t my fault if someone else was better suited to a role I’d applied for. I just needed to keep putting that effort in and a job offer would happen. Jo really believed in me and that spurred me on to keep trying. Jo also suggested a few things that would help my CV stand out to employers and I got more interviews off the back of making those changes. While that was happening, we also looked at other areas of my life that were causing me stress and Jo was able to refer me on to a really nice guy called Robert who has helped me start to get my finances (which are shocking) back on track.

The end result? I’m sat here, having been through a forty two interview journey that ended with me being offered two roles. I was actually in a position where I could choose the job that was best suited for me and I really believe that this was down to Jo and her support. Thank you.”

– Graeme

Career Coach: Jo Wibrew
Now working for a merchant bank in the city

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