Career Pathways

The next step involves finding out about the job titles that interest you.  For each job title, you need to know:

What experience do I need to do this job?

What skills do I need to do this job?

What qualifications do I need to do this job?

How many of these jobs exist and where are they?

Finding this information may take a bit of effort (but it’s worth it!).  You may be able to find the information you need by searching for job adverts on the internet (simply type in the job title using a search engine and see what comes up), or if the job title is common, there may be a profile for the role on the National Careers Service website.

Or you could even contact someone who does the job, and ask them a bit about it (this is also a good chance to do some networking!).

When you have this information, write it down.  If you are looking at three different jobs, it could be helpful to put them into a table like this:

Job Title What experience do I need? What skills do I need? What qualifications do I need? How many jobs exist and where are they?
Environmental Consultant Environmental work – could be voluntary Geography & maths

Written skills

Degree in environmental science or similar Not many of these jobs exist at the moment
Recycling Officer Recycling / environmental work – could be voluntary Communication skills

Customer service skills


Qualification in waste management or a degree / apprenticeship Many jobs exist but may not be in my area
Digital Marketer Experience as a marketing assistant or similar Communication skills

Business management skills

Qualification in digital marketing or a degree Lots of jobs all over the UK

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