Your Ideal Job

Well done – you’ve completed steps 1 to 5 – you’re half way there!  So far, you’ve thought about:

  • Your interests
  • Your values
  • Your personality
  • Your culture
  • Your skills and strengths, and
  • Your personal needs

You may have written words down for some or each of these things.  Now is the time to put it all together!….

You may find it useful to put all the words together on a page in a random order.  Or you may wish to put them into a table, or set of lists, like this:

Interests Values Skills / strengths Personality Culture Personal needs
1 Environment Creativity Writing skills Being on my own My local community Don’t want to travel too far from home
2 Social media Being myself Working to deadlines The organiser Mental health is important
3 Communication ‘Quirky’

The next step is to imagine a job that fits with some or all these things: a job that fits with your interests, values, personality and culture; that uses your strengths and skills; and meets your personal needs.

Where to start?

  • Think about jobs you have done in the past, or jobs you have heard other people do.
  • Ask your friends or family if they can think of any jobs.
  • Look at an online newspaper / magazine – what jobs do other people do?
  • Search online (using a search engine such as Google) e.g. ‘jobs to do with environment’, ‘jobs that are creative’, etc.
  • Explore a directory of job titles on a website such as the National Career Service.

And here’s the best bit…… you can even make up a job title you’ve never heard of!

(you’ll be surprised to find all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs exist when you start looking!).

Think of as many job titles as you can.  Don’t worry about whether you can do the job or whether there are any of these jobs in your area – be open minded and imagine anything is possible.  Write them all down.

When you’ve finished this, look at all the job titles.  Which ones stand out to you?  Do any grab your attention more than others?  Which one’s appeal to you the most?

  • Write down a maximum of 3 job titles that appeal to you most.

Next, move on to Step 7 – Career Pathways