Your Individual Needs

We all have personal needs when it comes to work, and it is important to consider them before making any career decision.  Have a think about what your needs are:

Financial:  Do you need to earn a certain level of income to pay your rent / bills / mortgage?

Responsibilities:  Do you need a certain amount of time each day/week to look after children or care for someone?

Flexibility:  Do you need to have flexible hours to fit around your personal life?

Travel:  How far can you travel to work?  Do you have a car?  Can you cycle or walk to work? Do you need to take public transport?  Can you work at home?

Health:  Do you have any health issues which may influence the type of roles you can do, or that you may need support with?

There may be other things you can think of.

  • Write down a maximum of 3 personal needs that are the most important to you.

Now you’ve identified your personal needs, it’s time to put it all together and identify Your Ideal Job.