So, what are your strengths?  What are you good at?

It is a fact that we enjoy doing the things we’re good at – so when you’re thinking about a career change it’s important to identify your skills and your strengths.

Have a think about the jobs you’ve done before – what things did you do well?  Was there anything you could do better than others?

Think about the things you have done outside work – things you did at school, or things you have done in your spare time.  Are there things you do at home or in your community?

Remember that it doesn’t matter if you’ve been out of work for a long time – we all have strengths.  You may have spent several years bringing up children, caring for a relative, or living with a physical or mental health problem.  You used your skills and strengths during this time – it’s all important.

Think about what you are good at and write it down.  Write as many skills / strengths as you can think of.  If you’re still stuck, try answering these questions:

What was the most challenging thing you’ve ever had to deal with?  How did you overcome this challenge?

What is your proudest achievement?  How did you achieve this?

What positive things would other people say about you, if they were to describe you?

  • Look at all your skills and strengths. Write down a maximum of 3 key ones.

Now you have identified your strengths, move on to Step 5 – Your Individual Needs.