Personality and Culture

We all have a different personality – it’s what makes us unique.  Finding a job that suits your personality is important.

Have a think about your personality for a minute.  How would people describe you?

Are you: Outgoing? Reserved? Pragmatic? Intuitive? Logical? Compassionate? Task-oriented? Flexible?

Do you prefer to be with other people or on your own?

In a group, do you tend to be: The Leader? The ideas person? The organiser? The researcher?

  • Write down a maximum of 3 words that describe your personality.

It is also important to think about culture.  We all have unique experiences that may be based on our ethnicity, gender, religion, social class, age, sexual orientation, or our community.  These experiences shape who we are, and we may find this useful when thinking about our preferred job or organisation.

Some people make career decisions that are heavily influenced by their culture, whereas others do not.  Some people are aware of this, and some are not.  There is no right or wrong here – just simply a point to think about.

  • Write down a maximum of 3 words that describe your culture.

Now you have identified your personality and culture, move on to Step 4 – Your Strengths.