Setting a Goal

Is goal setting important?

Yes!  People who set goals for themselves are more likely to be successful, and when it comes to making a career change, having a clear goal in mind is crucial.

So what’s your goal?  Do you fancy a complete career change to a different field / sector?  Do you want to try something new?  Do you want to stick with the same type of work but in a different organisation?

What’s your timescale?  Do you need to make a career change immediately to get a job and pay the bills?  Can you afford to take time out of work to re-train or gain new skills?

Have a go at developing a SMART goal.  SMART stands for:

Specific    Measurable    Achievable    Realistic    Timebound

Here’s two examples:

Laura Antony
Specific & Measurable I’m a beautician but I want to find a new job in the health and social care sector. I’ve lost my job as a kitchen assistant. I need to find a new job quickly – any type of job will do.
Achievable & Realistic I think I may need to re-train, but I can afford to do this as I live at home with my parents and have some savings. If I don’t get a job quickly I won’t be able to pay my rent, so I’m willing to try something new if it pays a decent wage.
Timescale I’d like to achieve this within the next 12 months. I need to find a new job immediately.


  • Write down your goal – make it personal to you. Remember to keep it SMART.

Decided on your goal?  Now you need to refine that goal.  Move on to Step 2 – Interests and Values.