5 simple ways to improve your wellbeing

If you’re feeling low and anxious it can make it that little bit harder to motivate yourself to get up and job-search. But doing the smallest of things, such as sending a text can make a remarkable difference to your mood. Why not try these 5 simple techniques next time you hit a wall and see how far you can go:

  1. Get in touch with a friend or family member – something as simple as sending a quick text to say hi to an old friend you’ve not chatted to in a while is a great way to get you away from feeling isolated and instead create a sense of belonging
  2. Take yourself for a brisk walk – no surprise here, exercise is of course a fantastic way to get energised and perhaps find a different perspective on things. The increase in oxygen to your brain and endorphins released by exercise are natures tonic to improving your mood.
  3. Try your hand at knitting – maybe a slightly more niche technique but it’s proven to work! The rhythmic and repetitive process of knitting has been likened to that of meditation and mindfulness so why not look up a YouTube tutorial and give it a go.
  4. Do something YOU enjoy – whether that’s playing your favourite sport, cooking up a special meal or sitting back and tuning into your favourite TV programme, make sure you take time for yourself and express yourself in a positive way.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep – it sounds obvious, but it really does work! There is research to suggest that lack of sleep can seriously affect a persons mental wellbeing. If you have trouble sleeping at night, give yourself the best chance of getting off easily by doing some exercise in the day, eat an early dinner and avoid using your phone or watching TV at least an hour before you plan to drift off.

Ruth Cousins