Five things ‘to-do’ when writing a CV

Today’s job market is competitive, but a well written CV can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are five things you can try:

Tailor it

It is important that your CV is as relevant as possible to the role you are applying for. Sometimes it can be had to impress an employer if it appears obvious that you are sending the same CV to multiple employers for different roles.

It may be more time-consuming, but it is likely to be more effective to send a few carefully considered CVs that accurately reflect how your skills meet the job requirements, than dozens of generic ones.

Stand out with your Personal Statement

Your Personal Statement gives you the opportunity to tell a potential employer who you are, what you have to offer, and what you are looking for from a new job. Aim to show how you are suitable for the job in one short paragraph and you could find you find that you’ve already grabbed the employers attention before they have read on.

Use specific examples

Avoid using generic, unimaginative words and expressions, like ‘excellent communication skills’, ‘detail-oriented’ or ‘self-motivated’, unless they part of the job requirements. Using this sort of language may not make you visible in a sea of similar candidates. The important thing to remember is to always use specific examples to back up your skills.

Polish your most recent role

After an employer has had a quick look at your CV, they will usually focus on your most recent role. This represents your current capabilities, so try to spend time on this part. Start with a short sentence that nicely summarises the role, then list your responsibilities in bullet points, and finish with your (measurable) achievements.


Finally, ensure that your CV is clear, easy to read and visually pleasing by:

  • Keeping your CV between one and two sides of A4 –
  • Using a clear, professional font, such as Arial or Calibri.
  • Following a logical order with clear headings
  • Checking your grammar and spelling and getting someone to check it for you if you can