Meet the team

Our friendly and helpful team comprises of experienced Employment Specialists from a variety of mental health and employment backgrounds.

Adele Gardner

Team Leader

Adele has been supporting people into employment for over 15 years, and is trained in psychodynamic counselling. She has recently taken up running and in her spare time she loves to watch comedies and read a good mystery.

Andre Ofomi

Employment Specialist

Andre has worked in welfare and employment for over 15 years, and has worked with hundreds of employees and employers, creating strategies and helping people embrace change.

Antonia Mathurin

Employment Specialist

Antonia has worked in education, training and employment for 12 years. She is an accredited coach and has a qualification in Career Guidance and Development. When not at work, Antonia enjoys to swim, travel, and watch live music.

Ayeesha Cruickshank

Employment Specialist

Ayeesha has been supporting people into work for over 3 years and has experience of delivering CBT-based workshops. In her spare time she enjoys using her sewing machine and takes time out to meditate which she feels is an important part of being kind to yourself.

Brian Abaidia

Employment Specialist

Brian has over 6 years experience supporting people to find their dream role. He has a strong background in understanding the needs of employers large and small.

Catherine Di Lella

Team Leader

Catherine has 13 years’ experience working in the field of Supported Employment and has a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology and Psychiatry. Catherine holds the EMCC Practitioner Level Coaching Qualification. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, travelling and keeping fit.

Celia Young

Employment Specialist

Celia has many years experience working in the employment sector. She holds an MSc in Career Counselling and Management, and is registered with the Vocational Rehabilitation Association and Career Development Institute. Outside work she enjoys playing the piano, open water swimming and cycling.

Chris Ebbles

Employment Specialist

After studying psychology, Chris has spent the last several years supporting people with housing and employment issues. He is a strong believer is continuous learning and spends much of his free time reading DC comics.

Claire Wrynne

Project Manager

Claire is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with over 14 years’ experience managing mental health employment services. She has a PhD in Health Service Population Research. In her spare time Claire enjoys painting and spending time with her family.

Claudette Thomas

Employment Specialist

Claudette has over 30 years experience advising people with employment issues. Before joining South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Claudette worked for the DWP.

Denise Barnes

Employment Specialist

Denise has over 15 years experience supporting a variety of client groups into employment including lone parents and young offenders. She is passionate about motivating individuals to bring about change and is committed to addressing challenges associated with mental health in the workplace.

Dominic Hand

Employment Specialist

Dominic has over 2 years experience as a career coach and has a background in Psychology, Human Resources and Business Operations. He strongly believes that helping people to find the right career is one of the most effective ways to support their mental wellbeing and recovery. Outside coaching, Dominic is a would-be gardener and drummer.

Frances Dryden

Employment Specialist

Frances has been working as an Employment Specialist for four years. Before joining SLaM she worked in the voluntary sector, supporting people living with HIV, young mums and facilitating reading groups in inpatient and community settings. She is passionate about helping people and loves to see her clients realise their potential.

Gareth Bowen

Employment Specialist

Gareth’s professional background includes working within performance coaching, personal development, hospitality and education. He is hugely passionate about supporting people into work and along the way empowering others to raise their self-esteem and confidence. When not working, Gareth enjoys watching live music, has a keen interest in sports and enjoys a good slice of home cookery.

Natalie Miller

Lead Employment Specialist

Natalie has worked as a career coach at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust for over 12 years and has a background in Social and Community Care. With 3 children as her main hobby, Natalie somehow manages to find time to have interests in interior decoration and design!

Sarah Crouch

Employment Specialist

Sarah has a BSc in Psychology and over three years’ experience as an Employment Advisor. She also previously helped to set up and run an out of hours Crisis Café. Outside work she enjoys attending tap dancing classes and spending time with her family including her two Jack Russell’s!

Shahnaz Choudhury

Employment Specialist

Shahnaz worked in employee engagement before transitioning into career coaching. After completing her Masters in Organisational Psychology, she supported HR teams to get the best out of their workforce and developed a passion for resilience at work, stress management training and individual coaching.

Mayra Angulo

Administrative Assistant

Mayra has been working for the NHS for over 4 years, she has many years’ experience of working as an administrator and is delighted to be working as part of a team that supports people who have Mental Health Problems. In her spare time, Mayra enjoys writing songs and poetry.